Marine casualty response 

Home ported in Sitka, on the outer coast of Baranof Island and completely exposed to the gulf of Alaska, Hanson Maritime’s location offers the quickest response times to shipping, commercial fishing, and recreational traffic in the Gulf of Alaska.  Additionally, the coasts of Baranof and neighboring Chichagof Island are some of the most dangerous to navigate due to the thousands of rocks that lie offshore, and near constant tough weather.  Hanson Maritime Co. was born in these conditions and specializes in the nautical adversity found there.  Because of the remoteness of the region, weather, and resultant slow mobilization times for large floating assets, Hanson Maritime believes in responding quickly, stabilizing and preventing further loss or environmental harm.  Hanson Maritime has complete salvage capabilities including spill response, so we can eliminate delays that are common when a separate pollution contractor is used.  Our tug and work boats are fully equipped with all necessary salvage gear including: lift bags, surface supplied dive gear, patching, de-watering, welding, rigging, ground tackle, communications, pollution response, and work boats.  Hanson Maritime’s resources include boat builders, stability experts, welders, divers, shipwrights, equipment operators, captains, deckhands, and surveyors.

  • Salvage Master
  • Cofferdams
  • Blown compartment
  • Groundings
  • Lift bags
  • Towing